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Are you looking to add an extra income? 


Yes… well a popular way to do this is with an MLM, direct selling or network marketing business. 

Now, not sure if you knew this, but over 95% of people who join these businesses… lose money. 


Years of research on business and this industry has proven there are 5 1/2 reasons why most people never reach their financial goals with network marketing. 

If you’d like to save yourself from headaches, stress and financial loss, continue reading this report to assure the opportunity you’re considering is actually worth your time.


Now, we know what you’re thinking…


this is something you need to learn, right? 

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This free education we provide at YourXtraIncome is the honest truth on this industry, that we wish someone would have told us years ago. 


So, call it a public service… but we just provide the information you need to steer clear of the businesses that will rob you of your time, money and reputation. 

And best of all… it only takes a few minutes to read this entire report... 

So, if you’re considering network marketing or are having second thoughts on whether the business you’re involved in will allow for success, you owe it to yourself to read this report.                  

Because you need to know the 5 and a half reasons why 95% of network marketers never accomplish their financial goals, READ ON!!! 




Did you know there are currently over 350 multi-level businesses?


Well, there are… and the list continues to grow every month. 

According to a recent report and study by the federal trade commission, over 99% of 89 million people involved in this industry are losing money. 

So, yes, there are exceptions, but in attempts to add another stream of income, replace their current job or become financially free as promised, people all over the world right now are wasting their time, money and damaging their reputation on bad businesses. 


Now, since you’re still on this webpage, you’d like to know why this is… right?

Well then, let’s get right into the 5 1/2 reasons this industry continues to overpromise and underdeliver. 



Reason #1 - The MLM, Direct Selling and Party Plan model itself


All of these businesses are based on a recruiting model and persuading people to… do something. 

First, persuade them to come to a home or hotel meeting, sit down with you at a coffee shop, listen to a CD, and so on

And later, persuade them to buy into the business, and then stay motivated even when they are not accomplishing their financial goals.


Now, let’s look at these two areas.  To be able to present these business opportunities to others in the first place, you must have a sales personality or certain skills. 

Yes, they can be mastered overtime but these are not activities that everyone is comfortable with. 

And many times, that’s what it takes to get people to even listen, whether family and friends or others in your network.


But you must because in the recruiting model, these skills are required for you to become and remain successful.

Unless you can recruit others into your business, you don’t get paid.  And neither do the people continually motivating you at the multiple levels above you. 

And while we’re on that subject, any business that has a compensation model where the first in wins, or where someone else makes more money on your efforts than you do, is a bad business you need to avoid because not only is it unfair, it’s unethical.



Now, once you can finally persuade someone to listen to your pitch, you now have to…

Overcome reason number two that MLM businesses don’t work for most people…  which is to persuade them to spend money they may, or may not have, to start a business.

Yes, that’s the price of doing business, but when 99% of people are losing money, MLM is a gamble when these opportunities cost around 500 and as much as 10,000 dollars to get started. 


So why are they so expensive in the first place? 

Well, first off it’s because of the recruitment model.  Those customers building a business earn their compensation from these high startup fees.   

That’s why those above you tell you to justify to others that they must spend money to make money, and even persuade them buy their way into debt in hopes that they’ll soon be able to pay it off once their business starts growing. 


Plus, in most businesses, you’re not only paying these high startup fees so your upline can make their recruiting bonuses,

But you also have to pay for recruiting material to recruit others so someday you can get paid… as well as product inventory to use yourself, demonstrate and sell to others. 

And as you’ve found, most of these products are not cheap…



Which is reason number 3 that most MLMers never even break even… the products and services are not usually worth what people have to pay for them


So why are the products so expensive in the first place?

Well, here’s a list of reasons. 

But the main reason is think about what MLM stands for… Multi level marketing.  Products in these businesses are delivered through multiple levels. 

And the more levels there are in a product’s distribution, the more it cost because everybody gets their cut. 


Whether these hyped up products, that usually don’t have actual patents proving they can fulfil their promises to potential customers are worth the price or not,

Many of the products that MLM companies manufacture are things that people didn’t need before, still don’t really need and wouldn’t buy if they hadn’t paid a high startup fee for their business. 



And so this leads us to reason number 4 MLM businesses stink… You must get others to change their buying habits, whether or not the product or service can help them. 


It’s been proven, most people are living pay check to pay check and don’t have money in their budget to 1, start a new business and two, buy products that they didn’t buy before

And whether they have to purchase when they run out or every month, in difficult times, or after a few months of not making any money, people eventually stop trying to budget for products they could and used to live without.


This is why the average retention rate of client’s month to month in the mlm industry is 15-20%. 

So, unless you are a great networker and persuader, it’s impossible to build a business when you lose 8 of 10 customers every month

Because without customer retention, you’ll never build the residual business that was promised when you got started. 



And this leads us to reason number 5… this industry has a terrible reputation and has a tendency to leave people broke and in debt

Harsh right, but it’s true. 


Just think of all the things that people have to do:

Spend a lot of money to get started

All so they could spend their lives doing these things…

And this is usually what it takes just to break even. 


Now you probably read or heard negative reviews on your company before becoming a customer, but you still joined. 

You just didn’t think it would also be so hard to also get people to ignore the poor reputation of the business, the lawsuits or the multiple name changes that some companies have had.


 But it is?

Now, why would you connect your good name to a company with a bad reputation? 


It’s making it very hard to recruit customers, isn’t it?

And the way you’re feeling is why the majority of people who get involved in network marketing, don’t even stay a full 90 days. 



Well, those are the first five reasons most MLM’ers are losing money.  So, are you ready for the final reason? 

Reason number 5 and a half is…  You

But it’s only half a reason because of this…

Whether you call yourself a network marketer, business owner or something else, your real job in this industry... is salesperson

And a recent study of salespeople found that half are selling the wrong product or service based on their natural behaviors, level of skill and interests

So, they’ve chosen a career or industry where the sales process, job requirements, level of persistence and closing abilities are not a fit to them

This is why you can’t control the things that the gurus in this industry are telling you to do… like

Work harder, work smarter, stop making excuses, fake it until you make it, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...

These are things that when you have integrity and your own personality that you really can’t or don’t want to change…

especially when you’ve realized that you’re involved in a business that probably isn’t going to help you reach your financial goals because of one of these first 5 reasons. 


Well that’s it.  Those are the 5 1/2 reasons that 99% of people lose money in Network Marketing.   

We promised just a few minutes of reading... and our time is up.  So, we hope you found this report educational and learned something about this industry.

Thank you for reading…



Okay, you really didn’t believe that’s how we were going to end this video, did you? 


Now that the education part is over, of course, we’re going to give you three pieces of advice…



First, if you’re considering MLM, Networking Marketing or a Party Plan business, do your homework.  Make sure that the business opportunity being presented to you can actually help you accomplish your goals. 


Second, if you’re already involved in a business and one of the 5 reasons that people fail are true in it…  stop wasting your time, energy and ruining your reputation.  It’s probably not going to get any better, so get out.


But what kind of advice is that?  You’re looking to add an extra income, right?

Well, then find a business that you don’t have to do all of the stuff listed here that makes it almost impossible to build a business in the first place. 



Oh, so you’ve never seen a business where you don’t have to do this stuff?

What if we told you there was… well, one…  Would you be interested in learning more?


If you just answered yes, then here is our third piece of advice…


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