Blog Article - The 5 1/2 Reasons Why MLM Stinks


Written by:  Grant Robinson, Founder of

Of course, I’d be interested to hear about your first time - but the first time it happened to me, I was in college… 

I was playing baseball in the summers. My catcher, who was a few years older and still had dreams of playing baseball for a living, had a day job that he didn’t really like. His wife didn’t like her job either. 

But I wasn’t really aware of this until they invited me to dinner one evening. We spent a few hours hanging out and getting to know each other off the field. It was a great conversation. 

They explained what “real life” was like after school where you lose your freedom and get a job (I learned that night what JOB stood for = Just Over Broke). 


It Was a Great Evening, But then Things Got Weird…

After dinner and hanging out talking, they invited me into the garage. This is where it happened for the first time in my life (and many times since then)… 

They started showing me a bunch of products that they thought I could use. 

Yes, I probably could have and I probably even showed interest in them. That’s why the conversation continued in how if I got others to try out the same products, I could make a lot of money doing so. 

It all sounded pretty good but I’ve always been a skeptic… so I didn’t whip out my credit card (I wish I had never gotten one in college) and sign up for their business. 

I wanted to do some research for this was the first time I had heard of the company (and later learned this was because they had recently changed their name). 

It was also the first time I had been introduced to this type of business model. 

And I’m glad I didn’t jump on board because after doing more research on the business, I realized that even though they do have good products and there are people out there who’ve become successful (even very successful), most people don’t.


And in Most People… I Mean Over 99%

I didn’t know the stats 20 so years ago back in college, but now I do. 

This is because since that night, as my career, interests, family, network, etc. have grown, so has the number of times I’ve been invited to learn about one of the 350+ MLM businesses. 

Whether it was through an invitation to a meeting at someone’s house, an event at a hotel, catching up over coffee, a link through Facebook Messenger, etc., I’ve surely seen over 100 different presentations. 

Yes, maybe I’m crazy (and my wife thinks I am because of this), but as a Business Consultant for the past 20-years, I actually like learning about new businesses, watching sales processes take form and seeing different closing techniques.

So I don’t usually turn down invitations to learn more about a friend, family member or social media contact’s business. 

But having worked with thousands of struggling business owners through my Consulting Firm, I’m now an even bigger skeptic on business and “foolproof” opportunities. 

This is because I know after doing years of research on MLM, Network Marketing & Party Plan Businesses…

99% of people who join them:

❌ Never even break even on their initial investment

❌ Are left with inventory and products

❌ Have debt they now need to pay off

❌ Continue on ordering month after month hoping things will improve


❌ Quit within 3-6 months (& either leave MLM altogether or find a “better” business)


Sound Familiar?

If you’ve made it this far in this article, you either:

1a. Have nothing better to do today

1b. Have considered (or are considering) joining an MLM, Party Plan or Network Marketing Business

2. Have already joined one and are becoming successful (like the 1%)


3. Have already joined one (two, thee or 10 in the past) and have not become successful


Whether you have or haven’t joined one of these businesses, wouldn’t you like to know the 5 1/2 Reason Why 99% of Network Marketers never accomplish their goals?  

Yes, well then you surely need to discover what we’ve learned in the past 9+ years of research on the MLM Industry. 

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