Congratulations on Seeing the Value in Watching the 14-Minute Video Overview & Possibly Joining the YourXtraIncome Team!


The Next Step:

You should have just received an email with the same directions below, but the next step is yours to take.  Reply to the email and let us know when you'd like to schedule 15-30 minutes on the phone together.    

During our call, we will...

1st -
Watch a 2-minute video introduction

2nd - Complete a short survey to assure that our business would be of benefit to you (& your family) in the first place.  & if you decide it would...

3rd - Watch the final 14-minute Video Overview of our business, compensation plan, car bonuses, how to get started (for less than $20), etc.  


Since you may be wondering - we do this live, on the phone together to answer any questions you have.  Not to pressure you because...

Just as the last video told you, if at anytime you feel our business is not for you, just let us know.  There is absolutely no obligation or expectation for you to partner with us by scheduling this time together.

We look forward to your reply by email and possibly partnering soon to build your Xtra Income!

“Helping Motivated Network Marketers Overcome the Obstacles Their MLM Business Puts on Them to Build a Residual Income"